No Measure

by Ben & Alfie

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Bee Warren
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Bee Warren Favourite tracks are so hard to choose because each appeals for a different reason. 'Snowfall' maybe reaches deepest but lyricwise 'For Good' hits the sad spot most. Then I think it's the fiddle piece in 'Velvet Tongued Man' that's has a particularly elating quality. All fab really. :) Favorite track: Snowfall.
Fredrick Scott
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Fredrick Scott This album is filled with such beautiful songs. Favorite track: After The Noise.
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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


released February 15, 2013

We would like to thank: Lisa Tregale, Thomas Brooman, Vaughan Pierce and James Aldridge for their patient feedback on this project; Rob Harbron for his advice on the mix; Dave Howard for his enthusiasm and artistic support; Bob Foster for the beautiful new five-string, which appears on the cover and briefly in “The Thin Grey Line”

All music and lyrics: Ben and Alfie Weedon
Production: Ben Weedon
Mastering: Jason Mitchell, LOUD Mastering
Photography: Fiona Holmes and Ben Weedon
Artwork: Dave Howard and Ben Weedon
© 2012 Ben & Alfie Weedon



all rights reserved


Ben & Alfie Somerset, UK

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Track Name: The Thin Grey Line
People say I’m doing fine
Indoor job and drinking wine
But is this all there is to life
Paying bills and killing time?

I’m written down on paper
Black and white figures on a sheet
Trapped in columns on the pages
These broken wings can’t stretch to beat

I’m walking the thin grey line
But this narrow road won’t talk to me
I’m walking the thin grey line
But this beaten path won’t speak to me

In the mirror looking good
Doing what they said I should
In the mirror looking fine
I walk along this thin grey line

Do I exist to spend my time
Walking along this thin grey line?
The world has gone completely mad
“Pop a pill don’t feel so bad”

I’m passing people standing in their lines
Broken wings and feet of lead
Would they even notice
If I chose to walk away instead?

Fallen angel
Track Name: For Good
I can’t see what you see
You’re changing
Is it for good?
Is it too late to find you?
You’re lost and I feel I should

You’re standing right by me
But you are somewhere else
Your eyes see right through me
I wonder where you are

When did you go?
When did you leave this race behind?
When did you stop running?
You were so far ahead of the line
You were flying so much higher
Than we ever could
We never saw you fall
But you still hit the ground

You’ve left the tap running
The fire has gone out
How will you find your way home
Now that you’ve covered your tracks?

Each day you found yourself
Having to race another day
Maybe you just got tired
Maybe you had to slow down
Track Name: The Velvet Tongued Man
Your eyes no longer see
The things you used to believe in
Your songs no longer seem
To have meaning
You sit facing the wall
I watched it all happen
You sing facing the wall

The velvet tongued man
Wove you into his design
He pulled on your threads
And he seemed so benign
A permanent smile
Not one word is unkind
But he’s carefully severed
Your heart from your mind

The velvet tongued man
Knows exactly how to use
In polite English turns
How could you refuse?
The dance had begun
I could not accuse
So I watched as you willingly
Broke in two
Track Name: Behind Glass
I watch from behind glass as you are
I watch from behind glass as you were
I watch from behind glass as you keep turning
And in the evening when we’re still dancing
I step the same steps but you step away
I watch and I wait
Just to see you move just like me

I watch from behind glass as you smile
I watch from behind glass as you sigh
I watch from behind glass as you keep searching
And in the evening when we’re still talking
All through the night till the morning comes
I watch and I wait
Just to see you think just like me

Are you really there at all?
Are you really ever there?
Are we really there at all?
Are we really ever there?

I watch from behind glass as you rise
I watch from behind glass as you fall
I watch from behind glass as you come running
And in the morning when we’re still sleeping
The sun stretches fingers under our door
I watch and I wait
Just to see you breathe just like me

I watch from behind glass as it breaks
Track Name: 27 Years
The colour today is grey
I see only black and white
Every day’s the same
Great tall trees that have no leaves
Silhouettes against a pale sky
That sheds no light

The colour today is grey
I can see a bleak horizon
Will it ever change?
Such an unforgiving landscape
Where silence paints an image
Of on ever-ringing bell

Again and again
I don’t even know what happened
Can I still be blamed?
Please God let a storm come down
At least something would tell me
Time was passing

The colour today is grey
Darkness keeps my innocence
And I can only age
If the locks were drawn
Release would only leave me as a child
Uncared for

Is my life a game?
Can I not compose my part?
No choice is mine to make
Colour me in shadows
For I no longer see the rainbow
And angels cannot reach me
Track Name: The Man
My name is fox
I’m a magpie
I’ll never do anything I say
Without a half-truth
Or a twist along the way
I’m a peacock
And I’ll do what I want to today
Show off my plumage
To all the birds along the way

My name is crow
I’m a jackal
Contracts are not for me
“Put it in writing”
Just doesn’t make any sense to me
I’m a magician
Always got something up my sleeve
And just that last trick
Should give me all the help I need

My name is cat
I’m a deceiver
But I don’t resort to lies
Straightforward questions
Do not require a straight reply
I’m a hyena
And I ensure I get my way
So you better give me
Just what I ask for straight away
Track Name: Snowfall
I saw snow fall the first time
Seemed like it would fall forever
I could not take my eyes away
The softest view I’ve ever seen

She looked at me
Like a hare looks at the moon
Our gaze held slightly too long
I heard every flake that fell
They whispered
As they touched the ground

I wish I’d never turned away
The softest view I’ve ever seen

But you’ll forget me when you’re gone
And I’ll forgive you when I see you
Am I stuck inside this song?
Am I still in love?

I wish I could have made you stay
But what would I have made?
Track Name: After The Noise
Show this world a picture of a dream
And maybe it will find you an echo

Where has all my time gone?
The hours of my life gone?
My time before has flown away
Stripped away from day to day

What is this fixation with the time?
Used to pass so comfortably
Never used to bother me
Where it had gone

What is this obsession
With the space I’m in?
I used to sit so comfortably
Now walls are closing in on me
Has it begun?

I’m out of words
I have no more to say
My lips keep moving anyway

After the noise
Silence fell
Like the last brown leaf
Track Name: No Measure
This is my book
It is written
In the hands of my guilts and my fears
It records every failure
And describes my jealousy
Its only commandment
That I live each one once again

And the pages will tear
And the spine will be broken
And the words will spill out
And the sentences spoken
And the meaning all lost
And my daemons awoken

Do you want to know?
Do you want to walk the free way?
Do you want to breathe the cold air?
Do you want to touch the burning?
Do you want to feel the slide?

It’s no measure of our sanity
Held against the metre of a mad mad world
It’s a measure of our vanity
We’re looking in the mirror at a sad sad world

Do we feel that there’s a cavity?
Something that we’re missing in our own small worlds
Was there something in our history
That we’ve abandoned for our own small world?

I have every member of the human race
To judge myself for and against
My book keeps the records straight
And I must tend it as a garden of black and white
Track Name: Over and Over
Endless flow of water
Slipping through the spray
Glistens in the moon bright
Steals from wave to wave
Silent from the surface
Catching in the space
A breath before returning
To the graceful silky sway
Gliding ‘cross a mirror
Of our ever-twisting fate

Over and over
Above and below
Will you pity us
When we’re here alone?
Over and over
Around and around
Will you pity us
When we’ve run aground?

Careless and indifferent
We fail to watch the tide
Creeping up our bow of luxury
Inside we sit without a word
For fear
Of what we might hear ourselves say
And then we’d have to change
Cover the picture
Turn away your gaze